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The 886-bisc castle hotel Lake Constance / Bodensee is no longer available.
Other castle hotels in Germany you find here:

Restaurant "Mundart"

886-bisc-vinothek6-290_01.jpg (22149 Byte) 886-bisc-vinothek5-290_01.jpg (18665 Byte) The restaurant "Mundart" offers the hotel guest the possibility to enjoy with all senses.
Selected wines of the wine growers of Lake Constance are complemented by international wines. The choice of the meals are geared to products of the lake Constance region. The fish solely comes from the Swabian sea. The meat comes from the neighboring farms and the cheese
predominantly from the Allgau, from the towns Vorarlberg and St. Gallen.
The staff of the
886-bisc castle hotel Lake Constance wants the guests to feel good. The restaurant "Mundart" promises uncomplicated meals in a charming atmosphere.

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Castle courtyard

With the castle courtyard which is isolated from the main street and from the pedestrian zone, the 886-bisc castle hotel Lake Constance has a quiet place. Up to 200 people can be placed here and enjoy the evening on summer days starting at 5:30 p.m.

The castle courtyard of the castle is the setting of stylish open air concerts every Wednesday. Every now and then, stories about the castle and the town Markdorf are told.





886-bisc Castle hotel Lake Constance Bodensee Baden-Wurttemberg between Meersburg Friedrichshafen Mainau Konstanz Uberlingen  Ravensburg Reichenau

Castle restaurant court yard menu buffet lunch wedding planner party brunch dinner

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